American hardwood applications in architecture: seeking in the same situation in Vietnam .

In 2014, The export hardwood of US to Vietnam has exceeded 238 million dollars. Large amounts are used to make furniture. However, the use of the US hardwood in industry interior decoration and construction industry that is increasingly interested in Vietnam.

That is the reason for American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) hope that distributors, architects and designers see the potential in design and market trends as well as the application outstanding of success in the sustainable design projects worldwide.

Appreciate the potential of the Vietnamese market , Mr. David Dries, agricultural consular officers of the US Embassy in Vietnam, he said, the cooperation between Vietnam and the United States creates a win-win model. Indeed, exports of Vietnam's furniture to cosmetics is increasing in recent years. As the volume of hardwood exports into Vietnam are helping US increase competitiveness with other rivals in Southeast Asia.


Agreeing with this assertion is Mr. Nguyen Tan Van - Chairman of the Vietnamese architect, he explained the success of the US , which is due to quality hardwoods bring satisfaction to importers in Vietnam . They not only choose the good wood, ensure quality but also have the wood with color pattern , extremely rich, very suitable for interior design and modern luxury. In fact, this is the design trend of the designers of Vietnam, they want direction to the luxury and elegance in each of its products.

Mr. Tom Inman, president of Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, said that hardwood and softwood of American ensure a stable supply for the producing, designing and construction in  worldwide. US has 730 million hectares of forest cover across the country, the density coverage is thick, forests are owned by private sector mainly, accounted for 72%, 10% are public sector ownership and national forest 9% by the US government ownership (public park area), 9% is owned by the industry.
Forest cover is increasing, the amount of being exploited wood only by half the amount of wood can provide, which is a strong point of the American exporters. This shows that the sustainability of the management of US hardwood supply. Future US hardwood always stability and sustainability by sustainable forest management, infrastructure availability besides the increase in production. Mr Nguyen Ton Quyen - President of the Association of Vietnam Timber and Forest Product appreciate that, according to him, there is an opportunity for Vietnam's wood industry to create a new breakthrough. As well as contributing to help the Vietnamese designers painstakingly explore innovative models more diverse, with such a rich wood source.

That's one of the big push for the design and architecture of Vietnam, can take full advantage of all value of American hardwoods offer is a success. As introducing to the importers around the world new images of the Vietnam's wood industry.