Dong Nai open up wood export opportunities in the US .

The first half of this year, enterprises  producing furniture to exports to the US market meet many advantages. The reason is that China - the competitors strongest in furniture with Vietnam enterprises in the US market is being limited.

Nguyen Duc Cong, deputy director Woodworking Co. Ltd. Tan Minh Hoang (Tan Bien, Bien Hoa), said today the companies have signed orders to June 10, this is the year with the best orders in the last 6 years. The products of Tan Minh Hoang produced mainly tables, chairs, beds. The main export markets are the US companies (70%) and South Korea.

Timber exports to the US market are having many advantages, but the business owner admits that furniture manufacturers of Vietnam enterprises should calculate more sustainable. According to Nguyen Duc Cong , once the Chinese furniture is removed tax and dumped , the products of Vietnam enterprises still have difficulties  to competing. Caused by the production level of domestic companies is still lower than the Chinese enterprises .

In a workshop on the development of wood industry was held in Ho Chi Minh City in April last, the Handicraft and Wood HCMC (HAWA) has issued a warning: the furniture Vietnam hasn't been sued in the US dumping yet, but in some markets have been investigated, so need to be more vigilant. According to HAWA, the US has always used technical barriers effectively toward the countries's exports to this market, so the timber processing enterprises should pay attention to their statutes. Another point that HAWA emphasize here is the use of materials.Recommendations of this Assembly was, to use wood raw material of the US for the production , is the most secure.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture - Rural Development, wood source of domestic raw materials for just supply more than 50% to meet the processing needs, the rest is imported. Source material timber plantations in the country is granted forest certification FSC (Forest Certification) also need to pay more attention, because this is the "passport" for export into the fastidious markets.