TPP provides dual benefits for Vietnam enterprises .

According enterprises , associations, Agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is opening up a huge opportunity for the business community in Vietnam. However, to be able to enjoy the benefits that TPP brings , Vietnamese enterprises will face many challenges. TPP will bring many benefits to the Vietnamese, even the ordinary peoples will benefit even though those benefits are not immediately tangible. But there will be moment, after a night of waking up, you discover more products and services at competitive prices that you never saw before. At the same time, national income increased due to increased exports and value added. Peoples will start feeling that their lives will be better a few years ago. However, the impact of the TPP will not come immediately, but must wait for about 4-5 years, depending on the reform of government and renewed determination of domestic businesses. With TPP, both exports and imports of Vietnam have benefited. particular, export markets for key products in Vietnam - like clothing, textiles, footwear, and can be agricultural products such as rice, coffee ... - will be extended. In particular, the tariff reduction also helps Vietnamese enterprises save billions of dollars in tax money paid to the importing country each year. For example, according to the International Trade Commission (ITC), Vietnam is the country's largest pay import duties for the United States in 2014 with over 3.28 billion.

Regarding imports, Vietnam could become a center for manufacturing many goods and attract more direct investment from abroad (FDI).

FDI and competition would help increase the added value of the goods produced in Vietnam, not to mention competition and increased market access can help to promote the development of the industry new in Vietnam.

However, Vietnam is facing many significant challenges by not only reducing tariffs, TPP also provides for non-tariff barriers such as labor standards and the environment. Consumer countries will require products with the highest quality, with high standards of environmental, non-use of child labor ...

Immediately after receiving the information ended TPP, Mr. Nguyen Ton Quyen - deputy chairman of the Association of Vietnam Timber and Forest Product (VIFORES) cheerfully said, TPP will bring many opportunities rather than challenge for the timber industry by 12 member states of TPP have strong potential .
More importantly, these countries have relationships with longtime partner of Vietnam as the US is currently the largest market of timber export turnover accounted for 30% of the total value of the whole industry.
Japan ranks top 5 in the timber importer in Vietnam. Other countries such as Australia, Canada ... also import furniture from Vietnam long. Another advantage is the origin of the wood must originate from the TPP member countries, where Vietnam is importing large quantities of wood materials from the US and some Member States TPP.
Besides that, the technology of these countries is very modern .Formerly , Vietnam must import with high prices but forthcoming will be very much preferential treatment .However, to take full advantage of these opportunities , the wood industry must do a lot of work as self-improve, the quality of products, explore the training of high-quality human resources and disseminate opportunities which TPP brings to the business community in a hurry.