Is "second generation adhesive ", was developed using proprietary technology of us . It is conceived from Acrylate monomer. Pegalock has quick hardening feature, thereby enhancing work efficiency. Pegalock is expanded applications for building materials, transportation equipment, electrical appliances ...especially with products require high durability. 

  • PEGALOCK 9002

    PEGALOCK 9002

    Use common for many purposes, for connecting many kind of metal .

  • PEGALOCK 9203

    PEGALOCK 9203

    Extremely high durability, for connecting many kind of the metal .

  • PEGALOCK 9210

    PEGALOCK 9210

    Resistance to the extreme damage caused by high temperatures, for connecting all kinds of metal  ( building materials...)

  • PEGALOCK 9015

    PEGALOCK 9015

    Quick dry, high corrosion resistance, used for structures and electronic circuits ....

  • PEGALOCK 9085

    PEGALOCK 9085

    Heat resistance, damping, used for metals and magnets.

  • PEGALOCK 9072

    PEGALOCK 9072

    Create soft film, flexible, for the raw material used for the porosity ... used for  assembly details of speaker components.

  • PEGALOCK 9501

    PEGALOCK 9501

    Suitable for bonding various metals and woods.

  • PEGALOCK 9304

    PEGALOCK 9304

    No smell,  slow curing , for all metal and wood.

  • PEGALOCK 9308

    PEGALOCK 9308

    No odor, low temperature resistance, for all metal and wood

  • PEGALOCK 9450

    PEGALOCK 9450

    Extremely high temperature resistance, for all kinds of metal ...